Handmade vegan incense, bakhoor, Amber Flowers

Incense Amber Flowers

Handmade incense - 50g

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Olfactory pyramid: Fresh floral, woody

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Premium incense, made in France

Discover our exceptional artisanal incense, a symphony of scents that will take you on an enchanting sensory journey. Our incense offers a unique experience with its complex and refined fragrance, crafted from a harmonious blend of carefully selected ingredients.

Lime brings a refreshing and invigorating note, energizing the mind and enhancing focus. Its bright scent also helps eliminate unwanted odors, purifying the atmosphere.

Saffron reveals an enchanting and spicy aroma, renowned for its relaxing properties. It soothes anxiety and stress, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

Nutmeg adds a warm and comforting touch to the incense. Its woody fragrance improves mood and relieves tension.

Geranium and rose contribute delicate floral notes that soothe and calm. Geranium is known for its balancing and harmonizing properties, while rose promotes relaxation and soothes emotions.

Patchouli unveils an earthy and sensual aroma, enhancing meditation and grounding. Its scent calms the mind and aids in relaxation.

Musk adds a velvety and mysterious note, creating a warm and intimate ambiance.

Finally, cedar brings a woody and sophisticated touch, fostering concentration and serenity.

Each piece of incense we produce is a result of exceptional craftsmanship.

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