Handmade vegan incenseSultan , bakhoor

Incense Sultan

Handmade incense - 50g

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Olfactory pyramid: Woody, sweet, floral

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Premium incense, made in France

Discover Sultan, an enchanting fusion of fragrances that will transport you to the sumptuous palaces of the Sultans of Arabia. Our incense transports you on a captivating olfactory journey thanks to its balanced and refined fragrance, composed of green notes, lemon, apple, jasmine, sweet notes, amber and musk.

The green notes provide a revitalizing freshness, evoking lush nature. Their invigorating scent helps purify the surrounding air and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Lemon reveals a sparkling and energizing essence. Its invigorating aroma stimulates energy and brightens the atmosphere, spreading a bright and joyful mood.

The apple adds a fruity and sweet touch, evoking a warm and friendly atmosphere. Its fragrance soothes the senses and creates a feeling of harmony in space.

Jasmine exudes a bewitching floral fragrance, known for its soothing and relaxing properties. Its delicate aroma promotes relaxation and helps soothe emotions.

The sweet notes add a gourmet and comforting touch to the whole. Their sweet fragrance creates a cocooning atmosphere and provides a feeling of calm.

Amber reveals a warm and captivating essence, conducive to meditation and deep relaxation. Its fragrance brings a feeling of security and comfort.

The musk adds a velvety and sensual note to the whole, creating an intimate and intoxicating atmosphere.

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